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Our History

Stephanie and Justine grew up in a small town in southeastern Indiana. Together, they fostered a sense of adventure and have traveled the country pursuing challenge in wild places. Like most relationships forged in the backcountry, their adventures helped them develop a strong, honest, trusting friendship.

After both became mothers in 2015, they were confronted with traditional maternal stereotypes. Instead of feeling discouraged, they became determined to push back knowing their adventures were an integral part of self-care. This was the catalyst for the Adventure Mamas Initiative to be born.

They brought together a community of women committed to pursuing personal challenge in the outdoors. Their mission resonated with women around the world and their localized efforts quickly expanded. Since their launch in 2016, AMI has grown into 15 regionally-based collabs with over 3,000 members around North America and has a social following of over 18,000 women around the world.

With their tribe in place, AMI is now focusing on providing ample opportunity for adventure as well as providing more educational resources for women transitioning through the various stages of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, perinatal, and beyond. AMI received its nonprofit status in September 2017 and has big plans for the future.

How It All Happened

May 2015 Steph becomes a mom October 2015 Justine becomes a mom December 2015 created the concept for Adventure Mamas February 2016 launched online November 2016 became incorporated in the state of Utah July 2016 facilitated first backcountry expedition September 2017 received 501(c)(3) status December 2017 brought on board members, staff, and an ambassador team February 2018 facilitated second backcountry expedition

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