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Board of Directors

The board of directors is the governing body of Adventure Mamas Initiative. These badass women are the reason we exist—they volunteer their time, skills, and share their stoke for us everyday.


Anna Allen

Document Manager and Technical Editor, Environmental Planning Group, LLC; Freelance Editor, Eschler Editing

I’m not your typical Adventure Mama. In fact, I’m not actually a mama at all. BUT, I am a proud auntie, and I do know some pretty rad mamas out there, and I love being part of an organization that supports and empowers them! The strong, independent women who make up this organization are an inspiration to me, and I hope that if I’m a mama one day, I can be half as cool as them. As for me, I’m an editor and—well, that takes up a lot of my time actually, but I love it. I also love getting outside for a good hike, especially when my awesome nephew is in tow. Being an aunt and seeing my sisters transform into such amazing mothers makes me recognize the importance of supporting women through the beautiful challenges of motherhood. I’m proud to be a part of the AM board, and I’m stoked to see all the amazing things that the organization will accomplish.




Sabrina Carlson

Youth Outreach and Education Coordinator, Seeds of Stewardship Program of the Arizona Trail Association

I am a mama, writer, adventurer, outdoor educator, PPD warrior, fiercely passionate friend, self-care advocate, and deep lover of chocolate and bacon (occasionally together). I make my home in the mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona, with my husband, son, and Muppet dog. Like most go-get-‘em, adventure loving ladies, I had some trepidation about this whole motherhood thing. Would I still have time (and money) to explore, adventure, travel? To run wild and free through the forest and feel like me?!  After the birth of my son, it seemed my worst fear was coming true: I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and, honestly, barely functional. It was all I could do to get through the basics of life, never mind have extra energy or motivation for living in a purposeful way. It took me two whole years to realize that my experience wasn’t completely normal—that something wasn’t ok. When I finally figured out and treated the Postpartum Depression that had plagued me for so long, I was left to pick up the pieces and try to figure out how to put myself back together and where I fit into this new life structure. When I found The Adventure Mamas Initiative, I found my people—mamas who were singing my song. Who understood 100 percent what it was like to make this messy, crazy, wild, and beautiful transition into motherhood without losing yourself. I knew I had to connect with them and be involved. I couldn’t be more honored to serve this cause.



Stephanie Feller

Co-founder, Adventure Mamas Initiative; Senior Digital Art Director, Well Done Marketing

I’m living in the midwest…but don’t let that fool you. I’m a mountain-loving mama and adventurer. By day, I’m a digital art director and on nights and weekends I do my best to make sure I’m waking up in a tent. Backpacking, climbing, and paddling are my first choice adventures for self-care and resetting my soul. The type two fun I’ve put myself through in the outdoors has taught me what I’m capable of in this life. My mission is to teach my children the power of personal challenges in the wild and remind them we can bring mountain culture to the midwest—even with a 9-5 gig.



Sarah Gorka

Daycare Manager, Momentum Climbing

A thirst for adventure and a willingness to try absolutely anything is what brought my husband and I together, and it is a large part of how we built our relationship. So, naturally, as I transition into motherhood, I am enjoying learning how to incorporate toddlers into all things adventure. I try my best to drag my kiddo to the crag with matchbox cars and snacks in tow. He feels at ease sleeping in a tent and he knows if we’re driving east, we’re going to the mountains to hike. When I can, I enjoy getting away sans mini me and chatting with other mamas on the trails or at the base of rock walls. I hope to set an example for my children, so that they will be comfortable in nature and chase after adventure.



Justine Nobbe

Co-founder, Adventure Mamas Initiative

Writer, experiential educator, maternal health advocate, community builder, wife, and mama are some of the roles I assume. Adventure has saturated both my professional and personal life and I firmly believe in the growth, healing, and transformation that occurs when you’re immersed in wild places. Alpine settings inspire me like nothing else so you can often find me in the mountains rock climbing, bike touring, backpacking, and snowboarding. Integrating a little one into this lifestyle has been amazing with an often hilarious learning curve. Regardless though, I hope to model for him a passionate, adventurous, and intentional life.

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