Mama’s Surf Trip

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I love my two munchkins… and even the chaos of life with two kids.

Leaving the kids seemed easy at first. But it’s not easy leaving them for a night… two nights… or a week. A part of my heart aches for them when I say good bye.

Motherhood can be tiring and overwhelming and the need for rejuvenation is real. For me… rejuvenating happens through self-adventure.

I would never want to change my life. I love my two girls with my whole being, and to me, there is nothing more rewarding than being a mother. But… My soul craves adventure… the kind of adventure that is physically exhausting, allows for self reflection, and encompasses socialization with great people.

My soul needed lifting and the ocean was calling for me. The water, the waves, the sand, and the air.

Everything was perfect.

The trip fulfilled me with life and rejuvenated me so that I could return home with full strength to embrace motherhood wholeheartedly.

About the Author

Annika Mang

Annika Mang is the mother of two girls and a true adventure mama straight from Canada. She is a dreamer, explorer, and an adventurer. While she loves to get outside with her family, she also loves to go out on epic, solo mama trips.

Connect with Annika: IG @BornToBeAdventurous and her blog Born To Be Adventurous

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  1. Audrey on October 24, 2017 at 8:57 pm

    Yes! This is so cool and I am sure something that resonates with every surfing mom on the planet. Thanks for sharing!

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